What We Support

Shared Policy Recommendations

The Raise it for Health Coalition supported the following policy principles:

Raise price of tobacco

Our Coalition supported raising the price of tobacco in order to reduce smoking, save lives and reduce health care costs. The higher the overall price, the more significant health gains achieved. That is why we supported a significant increase in the tobacco tax.

Health-related use

The Coalition supported dedicating any additional revenue generated from a tax increase for health-related purposes. 

All tobacco products covered

We supported increasing the price of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco. Because all tobacco products cause serious health problems, all should be equally covered by the tobacco tax increase.


The Raise it for Health Coalition

The Raise it for Health Coalition is a group of Minnesota's leading health and nonprofit
organizations that share a common goal of reducing tobacco use. Raise it for Health
supported significantly raising the price of tobacco products during the 2013 Minnesota
legislative session because it is a proven way to prevent children from starting to use
tobacco and helping existing tobacco users quit.

Raise it for Health partners include: